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Episode 36: Moral Hazards and Naloxone, A Toxicologist’s Perspective

An opioid overdose can be a terrifying experience. When too much of a drug like heroin or fentanyl floods the brain, it can cause your breathing to stop. Sometimes you wake up, sometimes you don’t. But there’s a miraculous drug called naloxone or brand name Narcan that can reverse an opioid overdose and save your life.

Episode 3: Remembering Dan Bigg, Naloxone Renegade

Dan Bigg, activist, visionary, and harm reduction pioneer, died on Tuesday, August 21, 2018. In this episode, Zach Siegel interviews journalist Max Blau, who has been researching the history of naloxone, about Bigg’s radical legacy.

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Photo credit: Nigel Brunsdon

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