Episode 1: Opioid of the Masses

Episode 1 of Narcotica is here! In the first segment Zachary Siegel does some mythbusting around overdosing by touching fentanyl; Troy Farah gives a nuanced take on what’s driving the overdose crisis; and Christoper Moraff talks with experts and drug users about the disease-model of addiction.

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2 comments on Episode 1: Opioid of the Masses

  1. Polo says:

    Why is it that cops need a hazmat suit and report only mild effects from touching trace amounts of fentanyl but drug dealers with no t-shirts on sweating in an 85 degree room while they’re breaking down a kilo of fent aren’t dropping dead everywhere from heavy exposure? Donald Trump should actually want dealers to possess fent because that would be the death sentence he wants for them, right? Unless fentanyl is harmless and doesn’t kill.

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