Episode 31: Supervised Consumption: Narcotica Breaks Down Safehouse Ruling with Av Gutman

Safehouse is safe, for now. On Wednesday Oct. 2, a federal judge in Philadelphia ruled that a supervised injection site proposed by the nonprofit Safehouse would not violate a provision of the Controlled Substances Act, known as the “Crack House” statute, authored by none other than Democratic presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden. On today’s episode, hosts Troy, Chris, and Zach are joined by Philadelphia Inquirer’s Abraham Gutman. Gutman has been cranking out fiery editorials in support of harm reduction, criminal justice reform, and tons of other topics for Philly’s biggest newspaper. He breaks down the complicated legal, political, and social implications of the Safehouse ruling and what comes next. 

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One comment on “Episode 31: Supervised Consumption: Narcotica Breaks Down Safehouse Ruling with Av Gutman

  1. Terri l Johnson says:

    Why no comments?
    I have been a chronic pain patient who tried many alternatives before giving in to treatment with pain medication. I am being tapered off and way too fast …Hoping to find anyone fighting this type of a situation.I have never abused drugs.My doctor says she wants to keep helping me but does not want to end up in hand cuffs…I am rapidly losing ability to do many normal activities. Is there any one fighting for the rights on this issue>?

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